1. Shop – the store where goods can be ordered by calling +48 570 322 324 or via email sent to
  2. Seller – the owner of the Shop and LiPower brand that is BatLit Sp. Z o.o. run under the name of “BatLit” registered in Central Register and Information on Business (CEiDG) led by the Minister of Economy under address ul. Jana Kazimierza 25/27, 95-070 Ruda Bugaj, Taxpayer ID No.: 9471988866, National Business Registry Number: 366574170 and National Court Register (KRS): 0000663944.
  3. Client – every natural person or a company interested in making or receiving an offer.
  4. Buyer – every natural person or a company that made or received an offer that has been mutually accepted and a deal/contract has been mutually confirmed.


  1. These regulations state the principles of use of the Shop including making offers, accepting the deals and performance of contract.
  2. The Seller distributes the products in Poland as well as abroad.
  3. The Seller provides services using internet and phone therefore in order to use the Shop’s services, the Buyer needs an access to a device connected to web in send or to a phone.
  4. All the content included on website www.lipower or in leaflets, brochures and other should not be understood as a final offer but as an invitation to make offers of purchase. Therefore, the Seller can change the product’s prices until the moment the deal is made.
  5. The deal is made when the Seller confirms acceptance of the offer that includes defined no of defined products in fixed price.
  6. The Buyer accepts these regulations in the moment of sending or accepting an offer
  7. The pictures presented on website, leaflets or in folder do not show the real size or colour of the final product and their purpose is just visual information.
  8. The Seller is entitled to refuse the deal in following cases:
    – The Seller discontinues to run the Shop
    – The Seller closes the business
    – The Seller changes the nature of business
    – An error that works on the disadvantage of the Seller
  9. Termination of the contract must be in a written form sent in a standard post or via email.


  1. The subject of an offer can be products shown on Shop’s website:, in brochures or products presented to a Client in email or phone conversation.
  2. The client can place the order via email 24/7 or via phone Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4pm.
  3. The contract is made no earlier than when the Seller accepts it for implementation.


  1. The Seller offers the following methods of payment:
    – Bank transfer to account no.: PL37 1090 2705 0000 0001 3538 3831
    – PayPal transfer to an account registered under
  2. The Seller sends the evidence of sale in physical copy together with ordered products or an electronic version to an email address given by a Buyer
  3. The seller provides two types of an evidence of sale: a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice.
  4. The prices of all products are given in PLN that include VAT. Shipping charges are not included in the offered price.
  5. The shipping charges depend on current price list of a carrying company and is subject of a constant change.
  6. The Buyer has a right to choose a carrier from a list provided by the Seller


  1. Maximum completion time for stored products orders is 3 working days. Maximum completion time for products made on order is 15 working days. These time frames are subject to change however the Client will always be informed of such a change before accepting an offer. Completion time starts when the Seller accepts an order for implementation and finishes with a moment of passing an order to a carrier.
  2. Completion time does not include shipping time.
  3. In case of a change in completion time after the offer has been mutually accepted the Seller will be informed about change altogether with a new deadline via email or phone. In this case the Buyer has a right to cancel the contract with no further consequences.


  1. All offered products are covered by a 12 month guarantee unless informed differently.
  2. Warranty card is included with every product and needs to be completed in detail before making a complaint
  3. Complaints without the evidence of sale or warranty card will not be considered.
  4. In case of the product not being as described in contract the Buyer should send the product back to the seller together with warranty card and evidence of sale. After it arrives, the Seller has 14 working days to notify the Buyer about the outcome of a complaint. If the complaint is marked as reasonable, the Seller will refund the cost of shipment, cover all the charges related to product reparation or replacement.
  5. The differences between the picture and the real product cannot be the reason of complaint if these differences are the result of individual settings of a computer (e.g. colour, size, proportions).
  6. The warranty does not apply to products with any signs of a damage to outer protective layers as this would be the case of a use not in accordance with a manual. The exception is when the damage is the result of a construction fault.
  7. The warranty does not apply to battery packs bought without a protective board – BMS. In this case the Buyer gives up all the warranty rights, should be aware of all the dangers that come from using li-ion batteries without protection and takes all the responsibility for such use.


  1. In agreement with EU Law the Buyer has a right to withdraw from the contract without providing substantiation up to 14 days from the moment the Buyer or third person other than a carrier and authorised by the Buyer came into possession of the products.
  2. In order to use the right of withdrawal the Buyer must inform the Seller about such decision in form of clear statement written and sent by post or via email and send the products back to the Seller.
  3. The right of withdrawal regards only to the products that are unused, in original packaging, with all attached documentation and evidence of sale.
  4. If the Buyer decides to withdraw from the contract the Buyer will refund all the received payments except for shipping charges (unless the Buyer withdraws before the products are dispatched). The Seller has maximum of 14 days from receiving the return to make a refund.
  5. All returns must be sent to the following address: LiPower Jana Kazimierz 25/27, 95-070 Ruda Bugaj, possibly immediately after but no later than 14 days from receiving the products.
  6. The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following:
  7. Contracts of the purchase of products that are non-prefabricated, tailor made to fulfil individual needs


All detailed information available on a separate PRIVACY POLICY page.


All website, brochures and other marketing content is subject of copyrights. It is forbidden to copy any part of the content for commercial purposes without written agreement of the Seller.


  1. In matters not regulated by the Regulations, generally applicable provisions apply.
  2. The Regulations are subject of change and are valid from publication
  3. This version of Regulations is valid from 01/04/2019